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R&G Satellite Services are a burglar alarm installation company that believe your safety is our priority!

satellite and aerial installation satisfaction guarantee Walsall West MidlandsWe mission is to assist you to keep both you and your premises safe for the duration of your life within the property. We offer burglar alarm installation for different types of alarms to all kinds of premises, whether it’s industrial, domestic or commercial. We offer a range of installations, from small simple device alarm systems, to bigger more advanced systems – they are so much more than a visual deterrent.burglar alarm installer Walsall West Midlands

R&G Satellite Services believe that burglar alarm systems are essential in homes today, as they are a great deterrent to burglars. We burglar alarm fitters will install systems that will make you aware of any intruders; installations can be discrete if required. We provide such a unique service ensuring you have peace of mind that wherever you are, you and your premises are safe. For more information about our burglar alarm installation service, call us on 01922 302 129.

R&G Satellite Services give our customers:

• A wide range of sophisticated burglar alarm systems to choose from
• We give you a guarantee on all our burglar alarm system installation services
• We have a maintenance and repair service

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burglar alarm installer Walsall West Midlands
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Protecting your premises

Knowing that your property and possessions are safe is the ultimate peace of mind. At R&G Satellite Services, we understand exactly that! We specialise in the installation and monitoring of high quality intruder alarm systems that the market has on offer to us today!

satellite and aerial installation satisfaction guarantee Walsall West MidlandsR&G Satellite Services understand that every property is different; therefore each property needs a fresh approach in order to achieve the best results. This is why we understand the needs and requirements by completing a site survey before any burglar alarm installation process begins. The systems that we install will make the best use of the desired space to be monitored, and they will protect you from all types of intrusion or forced entry into your property.

By having an alarm installed you will increase your homes safety by 78%, even just the visual deterrent can be enough to turn intruders away.

R&G Satellite Services provide only the best burglar alarm installation equipment to ensure your property remains safe from unwanted intruders. we systems allow us the flexibility to provide a bespoke installation whilst remaining affordable for all of our customers, not only that it still remains to be one of the best systems on the market today!

If you have any questions regarding our installation service, please don’t hesitate to give our burglar alarm fitters a call on 01922 302 129.

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5star aerial installation reviews Walsall West Midlands
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If you are looking for a dependable, professional service, look no further than Gary. Not only does he provide exactly what you require he will go the extra mile to make sure you're happy. Perfect
Cant thank Gary enough, came same day charged us half what we were quoted by another local company. Even went round and made up cables for each tv and ensured our kids had their tvs working. Brilliant guy polite and genuine will definatley recommend to others 5* thanks so so much!
Called Gary out to sort an issue with the internet in our office garden. He arrived at the time agreed and followed all social distancing guidelines and mask wearing. He quickly had our internet working again and we would definitely recommend his services.

Why you should choose our Burglar Alarm Installation Near Me

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What Are the Disadvantages of an Alarm System? Aside from the expenditure and time involved in installing an alarm, specific kinds of systems present various downsides. If you have a bells-only alarm, the system will not message you or a monitoring service if someone breaks in. In addition, their deterrence effect is debatable.

If nobody is alerted and your neighbours don’t respond to your alarm going off, you might think it’s not that much use. If you have an alert alarm, you will have to ensure that either you have a landline or you reside in an area with strong mobile phone reception for the burglar alarm control panel to attempt to interact with as much as 10 people whose system might notify that there is a burglary in progress.

If you have a monitored system, there will be a regular monthly cost that you spend for the service. The business offering the tracking does not have a contract with your regional cops force that indicates that, in the event of a break-in, the cops may not even visit your property.

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Can an Intruder Alarm Help Lower My Home Insurance Coverage Premiums? Make sure windows and doors are locked at night, and if you’re going away from home, have a neighbour check in on your home now and once again.

Setting up a home alarm is one of the very best ways to improve the security levels of your home. You might be lured to try and conserve money by following the do it yourself path and trying to install your own wireless burglar alarm, but doing so might actually cost you in the long run.

Such alarms lack many of the advantages of a professionally-installed alarm system. For insurance requirements, you will require the system to be installed and maintained routinely by an NSI or SSAIB approved company.

Finding out about Burglar Alarm Installation Service in Walsall

Each element needs to be installed with the utmost care and attention or the whole system might be inefficient. No matter how helpful and confident you feel with do it yourself solutions, it’s unworthy risking your security if you are not a security specialist; for instance, it is vital to understand not simply how but where to correctly install sensing units and detectors.

When it comes to setting the alarm, an engineer will likewise have the ability to show you how to use the system and teach you about the different procedures you need to be familiar with, such as how to set and unset your alarm when you are at home in addition to when you leave your property.

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In such circumstances, it could be easy to inadvertently trigger the siren or fail to effectively configure the panel. Effective house alarm systems will include multiple motion detection sensors, put at strategically picked key points around the home (Burglar alarm installation service). It is not advised to basically one sensing unit in each room, or to point them just at the crucial entry points like the front and back doors.

Crazy insights about Burglar Alarm Installation in Wolverhampton

Every sensing unit needs to be working effectively for an alarm to do its job properly. If a single detector is malfunctioning or positioned incorrectly, you might be leaving your home with a significant security flaw When your new alarm system has actually been tested and is totally working, you wish to have the ability to delight in total peace of mind knowing that your house is well secured.

Security is something that needs to take some time and mindful factor to consider. Your valued belongings and your individual security are far too essential to protect on the low-cost, particularly without the necessary proficiency and expert experience. More than an intruder alarm Even if you do handle to install an alarm yourself, most DIY alarm systems do not come with the advantages, abilities and extra services that more traditional, professionally-installed alarms do.

For extra-conscious house owners, alarms like the ones we provide at Banham can be kept track of by a team of security specialists 24 hours a day. When a monitored alarm is triggered, professionals in our Alarm Receiving Centre will immediately assess the scenario and when it comes to a validated alarm signal, they will call the nominmonitoringated keyholders and/or the Cops (depending on the chosen alarm action level).

Why our Burglar Alarm Installation Company are relied on in Cannock

As being safer, opting for a monitored alarm system could conserve you money. Some insurance companies use extremely minimized prices for houses that have kept an eye on security, which suggests even though a do it yourself alarm may look like the more affordable alternative on the surface area, an expertly set up and serviced burglar alarm system will offer the highest level of security for your property.

Did you know? According to data, 63% of break-ins in the UK happen in homes without a standard security system. That truly shouldn’t come as a surprise given that a lot of burglars closely keep track of the homes they pick to break into and make certain there aren’t any deterrents that get in the method of their burglary.

They work using a series of sensing units that go off as quickly as they discover any unusual activity, alerting the person-in-charge to take essential action. A general concept of the expense of a cordless robber alarm installation, based on an average home with 3 bedrooms, 2 external doors, a cooking area, lounge, and hallway, would remain in the area of 780 including VAT.The expense of a alarm system installation will undoubtedly differ from property to home, depending on a variety of elements consisting of the type of alarm, the variety of sensing units utilized, and the general intricacy of the system.

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R&G have a wide range of Aerial, Satellite, TV, Fibre, Network and Electrical services. Check some of them out below…


At R & G we have specialised in installing TV Aerials since 2000. For a professional job carried out by a fully trained engineer, call R & G Satellite Services today.

If you have a new freeview device or having problems with reception. We cover all of Walsall, Wolverhampton and the West Midlands and can install your Freeview compatible digital aerial.
Sky broadcasts the widest range of TV viewing options in the UK and more HD content than any other service providers in Europe. As Sky specialists we can bring Sky’s products to your home today.
Freesat was launched in 2008 by the BBC and ITV, currently providing around a hundred free digital channels via a satellite dish.
There are a huge range of foreign channels available on numerous satellites for the West Midlands. With an 80cm dish and a satellite receiver you will be able to receive hundreds of free stations.

At R & G Satellite Services we can mount install your latest TV screen or computer monitors in your home or business so that you get the full benefit from your chosen TV package or usage.


We can provide any number of additional TV points or sockets around your home. If you have ever thought about a TV in the back room, loft conversion, kitchen or even the bathroom, we can install it for you.

R & G Security Services offer and install a wide range of different CCTV systems and services to ensure you can protect the safety of your property cost-effectively with complete peace of mind.

At R & G Satellite Services we can install the latest in Burglar Alarms and Property Security systems in your home or business to keep you fully protected day and night at great prices.

We’ve been installing and maintaining communal TV systems for over a decade, including IRS Systems, additional satellite and communal dishes and Fibre Optic IRS. We also specialise in network cabling for Multi-point Distribution in any property too.
At R & G we specialise in providing both door entry systems and gate entry systems by installing secure entry control systems into Walsall and West Midlands homes and business premises.
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Maintenance & Service

R & G offer maintenance and service contracts for any type of residential home or business. This can range from single premises to large multi-site needs. 24/7 response times are available.


We can provide a wide range of commercial services to meet the needs of most businesses, including Freeview, Freesat, Sky, Master Aerial and Master Dish multi-point systems and much more.


As well as Walsall installations we also offer TV aerial and Satellite Dish repairs so that you can continue to receive the best from your TV systems day and night. 


As we aim to always be ahead of the curve technology wise we are qualified for a wide range of Fibre Installation. With Fibre optic cabling the speed of the transfer of data and streaming is dramatically increased. 

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