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R&G Satellite Services specialise in providing both satellite and aerial installation satisfaction guarantee Walsall West Midlandsdoor entry systems and gate entry systems by installing secure entry control systems into our customer’s homes. Door and gate entry systems can be applied to and expand from flats and apartments, to large houses and gated communities, and also for any situation where it is not possible or convenient for the home owner to get to the door.

We friendly staff and engineers take our time to understand your requirements before recommending a door entry control system that we feel will benefit your needs, by discussing the most appropriate support and maintenance options.

All of R&G Satellite Services security systems are designed and installed to the highest UK and European standards so you can be assured that the solutions suggested are properly specified, installed and maintained.

R&G Satellite Services can secure your premises with either a door entry system or gate entry system. Over the years of installing security systems for our customers, our clientele has expanded from flats and apartments, to large houses and gated communities; the majority of which prefer door entry systems.

R&G Satellite Services can guarantee security for your premises through our door and gate entry systems. With our remote controlled automatic gates, we provide secure and convenient access for residents and visitors. Access can also be provided through a swipe card, a key, ring fob, a keypad, biometric reader or typically, a combination of these options.

Visitor access is controlled through either a simple audio based system or through a video and audio entry system, which provides stronger security to you and your premises as it gives you the reassurance of seeing your visitor before allowing them to enter.

satellite and aerial installation satisfaction guarantee Walsall West MidlandsOn the other hand, our video and audio door entry control systems also provide secure controlled access to both residents and visitors and these can be specified to match your requirements. So whether you are looking for a simple intercom style system for your front door or gate, or whether you want a more complex system covering multiple entrances, R&G Satellite Services can help!


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R&G Satellite services care for our customer’s safety and the safety of your property. Over the years we have been installing secure entry control systems, technology has constantly been changing and updating and therefore we have updated oursatellite and aerial installation satisfaction guarantee Walsall West Midlands customers systems too. The new and improved video entry systems can present a bewildering choice, making it a difficult decision, and that’s why our staff will always take the time to understand your requirements before recommending a door entry control system that we believe matches your needs as well as discussing the most appropriate support and maintenance options.

All of R&G Satellite security systems are designed and installed to the highest UK and European standards, you can be assured that our solutions are properly specified, installed and maintained.
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If you need property security in the form of gate or door entry systems, then look no further than R&G Satellite services door and gate entry systems!

We cover a wide range of local areas and provide you with peace of mind whilst you are in and out of your property.

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5star aerial installation reviews Walsall West Midlands
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If you are looking for a dependable, professional service, look no further than Gary. Not only does he provide exactly what you require he will go the extra mile to make sure you're happy. Perfect
Cant thank Gary enough, came same day charged us half what we were quoted by another local company. Even went round and made up cables for each tv and ensured our kids had their tvs working. Brilliant guy polite and genuine will definatley recommend to others 5* thanks so so much!
Called Gary out to sort an issue with the internet in our office garden. He arrived at the time agreed and followed all social distancing guidelines and mask wearing. He quickly had our internet working again and we would definitely recommend his services.

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Compliance can be difficult to understand however Ocean will walk you through it all, one action at a time. Ocean Fire & Security is dedicated to keeping your system certified AND doing what it is supposed to. Secures your premises, personnel and assets. Due to the fact that we’re after long term relationships. Not a fast buck …

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Access Control Networks permit you to monitor and manage the motion of staff and visitors through your service. By linking entry and exit points with internal security doors we can computer control and report their movements. This has lots of applications, from administering versatile working to protecting your facilities versus unauthorised entry or movement.

Video systems, Go one step further and typically include a monitor in the handset and a cam at the point of entry – door entry systems installation service. Readily available in grayscale or colour, they permit you to see visitors before allowing them to get in the home. You can even use the system to inspect ID badges by asking visitors to hold them up to the cam.

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If you are seeking to significantly increase the security of your organization then a door entry system into your organization facilities could be best for you. In this article we discuss door entry systems and keyless entrances. Likewise the advantages of a door entry system for your service.

This suggests that every gate around your organization properties or door of your office building will not need a key to open in. Instead you will have among the following most typical door entry systems for your service; Individuals will swipe the card versus the entry system to gain access to the business.

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This is smaller sized than a key and will be tapped versus the door entry system for the door or gate to open. This can be different pin codes for each employee, one pin code per department or one set pin code for everyone. There are many other approaches for door entry systems for your service.

These alternatives likewise avoid copies being made, which can be easily done when a traditional secret is cut. A keyless entry is really helpful for the security of a business. This is because if one of the above is lost, stolen or lost it can be shut down. This implies that the access technique will no longer work, Implying if it fell under the wrong hands, it might not be utilized.

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This is due to the fact that the locks throughout business do not require to be changed and brand-new secrets cut for everybody. Rather a new card, fob or pin needs to be produced for the staff member and things can carry on as in the past. Another advantage of door entry systems for your business is that you can pre-program access rights.

They will not have access to all rooms if you choose they do not require to. We can help you increase and improve the security of your organization premises.

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Key Features 1 or 2 button systems plus the choice to include growth modules Approximately 98 buttons Staff can unlock on their own using a RFID tag with the current Moshi RFID entry phone or by entering a gain access to code into an optional keypad system Well created, self-contained units making them easy to install Constantly be able to answer the door even if the facilities are empty Moshi door entry phones can operate several doors, lighting or perhaps over door heating unit Hands free communication just needs a live telephone line or analogue socket, even in a power cut Tone (DTMF) and Pulse dial 2 numbers with a max of 24 digits can be kept on each button including *, #, recall and pause (door entry systems installation service).

5A Board heating 1. 5W with temperature. regulation.

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University work for the public good and are, for that reason, of public interest. It’s essential that a schools security system is taken seriously as failure to can have extremely severe repercussions. This is due to the fact that schools educate children and youth who are very vulnerable. This indicates that schools, unlike other organizations are open to a great deal of public analysis and must, for that reason, integrate access control as an extra security measure besides the typical fencing and security personnel.

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Considered that there are different designs of gain access to systems offered in the market today, schools can select to use a design that works for them depending on their needs, the info they are attempting to safeguard and the laid-out compliance requirements. As pointed out, methods are used to lessen any threat from unauthorized access to sensible and physical systems.

Why our Door Entry Systems Installation Service are 5 star rated in Wolverhampton

As such, schools utilizing access systems have been forced to move away from the single sign-on systems that prevailed to a much more unified gain access to management system that supplies for cloud and on-premises environments. Thee are various types of gain access to control that a school can decide to carry out in order to improve its security system.

The discretionary methodology is an approach whereby designated administrators or owners of the secured systems, data or available resources create policies that will specify who or what is allowed to access to a resource. Discretionary gain access to systems make it possible for administrators to manage the circulation of access rights.

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The obligatory programme is a security approach where access rights are managed by a main authority developed on numerous levels of security. This type is mainly used in military and federal government institutions. The categories for an obligatory program are assigned to system resources and the security kernel, or operating system has the ability to give or reject access to any resource based upon the gadget or user’s info security clearance.

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R&G have a wide range of Aerial, Satellite, TV, Fibre, Network and Electrical services. Check some of them out below…


At R & G we have specialised in installing TV Aerials since 2000. For a professional job carried out by a fully trained engineer, call R & G Satellite Services today.

If you have a new freeview device or having problems with reception. We cover all of Walsall, Wolverhampton and the West Midlands and can install your Freeview compatible digital aerial.
Sky broadcasts the widest range of TV viewing options in the UK and more HD content than any other service providers in Europe. As Sky specialists we can bring Sky’s products to your home today.
Freesat was launched in 2008 by the BBC and ITV, currently providing around a hundred free digital channels via a satellite dish.
There are a huge range of foreign channels available on numerous satellites for the West Midlands. With an 80cm dish and a satellite receiver you will be able to receive hundreds of free stations.

At R & G Satellite Services we can mount install your latest TV screen or computer monitors in your home or business so that you get the full benefit from your chosen TV package or usage.


We can provide any number of additional TV points or sockets around your home. If you have ever thought about a TV in the back room, loft conversion, kitchen or even the bathroom, we can install it for you.

R & G Security Services offer and install a wide range of different CCTV systems and services to ensure you can protect the safety of your property cost-effectively with complete peace of mind.

At R & G Satellite Services we can install the latest in Burglar Alarms and Property Security systems in your home or business to keep you fully protected day and night at great prices.

We’ve been installing and maintaining communal TV systems for over a decade, including IRS Systems, additional satellite and communal dishes and Fibre Optic IRS. We also specialise in network cabling for Multi-point Distribution in any property too.
At R & G we specialise in providing both door entry systems and gate entry systems by installing secure entry control systems into Walsall and West Midlands homes and business premises.
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Maintenance & Service

R & G offer maintenance and service contracts for any type of residential home or business. This can range from single premises to large multi-site needs. 24/7 response times are available.


We can provide a wide range of commercial services to meet the needs of most businesses, including Freeview, Freesat, Sky, Master Aerial and Master Dish multi-point systems and much more.


As well as Walsall installations we also offer TV aerial and Satellite Dish repairs so that you can continue to receive the best from your TV systems day and night. 


As we aim to always be ahead of the curve technology wise we are qualified for a wide range of Fibre Installation. With Fibre optic cabling the speed of the transfer of data and streaming is dramatically increased. 

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