Foreign Satellite TV Installation

Foreign satellites systems can give you access to most languages including; French, Spanish, Italian, Polish and Arabic, just to name a few.

R&G Satellite Services are one of a few foreign satellite installers and can supply systems such as dishes that encompass most languages. R&G Satellite Services can install a satellite dish into your home so that you are able to access foreign satellite TV programmes from all over Europe and beyond. Many of these channels are free to air, and they provide entertainment to fulfill all of your needs.

If you are in need of a larger collection of movie channels, a wider range of sports coverage and a whole lot more for the kids to watch then requesting a foreign satellite TV installation system is the perfect choice for you.
R&G Satellite Services arrive fully equipped to deal with any type of installation requirement and provide satellite dishes to ensure you receive the best reception for foreign TV that you can possibly get.

Foreign Satellite TV in the UK

As satellite dish installation experts, R&G Satellite Services can advise you on your foreign satellite TV options and the satellite TV channels and languages available. With many satellites available, there are thousands of TV channels to choose from. There are also several premium subscription TV channels and encrypted channels which require a decryption card to be unlocked, giving you extra security. Your European satellite receiver will need a CAM to access these channels.

If you already have a European satellite TV system and are having problems with the reception and signal, or you aren’t receiving the channels you have been promised, R&G Satellite Services can provide you with an in depth and thorough satellite diagnostic service.

One of our highly trained engineers will be sent out to your property to methodically check your entire satellite TV installation, including cabling and the set-up of your receiver. In addition, they will use a spectrum analyser to test that your satellite is correctly aligned and receiving the maximum satellite you possibly can.
If you wish to receive a different selection of channels and languages, we can realign your fixed satellite TV system to a different satellite.

Foreign Satellite TV installation Cost

R&G Satellite Services are very cost effective with our installation prices of foreign satellite TV. We do a like for like quotation in line with our competitors to ensure that our customers receive the best service they can, at the cheapest price, to give overall satisfaction to our customers.


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