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satellite and aerial installation satisfaction guarantee Walsall West MidlandsAt R&G Satellite Services, we provide a professional TV wall mount service.

If you are having trouble with installing a TV wall mount, then we can take all the stress away by hanging your TV on the wall for you.

In the past few years, with flat screen TV prices falling and soaring, having the option to mount the TV on the wall is becoming an attractive feature in many households. At R&G Satellite Services we can mount plasma, LCD, LED & 3D TV’s to nearly all walls and surfaces. Not only does this clear floor space and clutter, using our TV wall mounting service turns your TV into a very impressive feature.

What We Do

At R&G Satellite Services we offer a comprehensive and professional TV wall mounting service. We guarantee to be able to hang any size or brand of TV to the majority of walls and surfaces. With 20 years of experience you can rest assured that your TV will be fitted safely, securely and positioned just how you want it.

we TV wall mounting includes:

  • A friendly and advisory inspection of the room, surfaces and walls where we will be hanging the TV.
  • Ensuring the TV wall mount and fixings match the required TV size, shape and wall construction.
  • tv wall mounting Walsall West MidlandsSupply and installation of specialist cables to connect your satellite and other AV sources (charges may apply).
  • Complete concealment of all cables (if required) after hanging the TV on the wall.
  • Ensuring the safety and positioning of the TV is met with complete satisfaction.
TV Wall Mounting Walsall West Midlands

Local TV Wall Mounting Service

If you are interested in our professional and secure TV wall mounting, then R&G Satellite Services is the company for you. You can email us or call us on 01922 302 129 today. We cover a wide area of the West Midlands that include Willenhall, Wolverhampton, Cannock, Sutton Coldfield, Tamworth, Lichfield, Aldridge, Great Barr, Bloxwich, Walsall and Birmingham.

Call us today and speak to our friendly, helpful and dedicated staff, that are on hand to help with your requirements.

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5star aerial installation reviews Walsall West Midlands
tv wall mounting Walsall West Midlands midlands
If you are looking for a dependable, professional service, look no further than Gary. Not only does he provide exactly what you require he will go the extra mile to make sure you're happy. Perfect
Cant thank Gary enough, came same day charged us half what we were quoted by another local company. Even went round and made up cables for each tv and ensured our kids had their tvs working. Brilliant guy polite and genuine will definatley recommend to others 5* thanks so so much!
Called Gary out to sort an issue with the internet in our office garden. He arrived at the time agreed and followed all social distancing guidelines and mask wearing. He quickly had our internet working again and we would definitely recommend his services.

How to get Tv Wall Mounting Service

This is additional essential where your TV install has moving parts, like tilting wall brackets and full movement wall brackets do. It also does not make good sense to head out and invest 1000 pounds on a new television only to use the least expensive bracket offered. It doesn’t always decrease as meant, but where our clients often wish to supply their own bracket instead of us providing one often we will just consent to the setup if they can provide us with the make and model of the bracket so we can be assured that it is the consumers interest for them to utilize it to fix their TV to the wall.

Fixed TV Installing Brackets, The most popular television bracket, a fixed bracket does as the same recommends protects the TV to the wall in a set position. There are really numerous various types of repaired installing brackets but I will not go down that rabbit hole as it is unlikely to extremely affect your TV wall installing quotes (Mount TV on Wall company).

It prevailed in the past to install a tilting bracket rather of a fixed install to angle towards your seeing position just like some older screen innovations, when you were not taking a look at the screen straight on it would appear really dark and tough to see. A tilting wall bracket will help in scenarios like this but is not always essential with contemporary back lit LED TV’s.

This can assist to produce optimal seeing angles for when a TV is installed high up on all wall. Which is very typical with wall installing screens in bedrooms and TV’s installed above fireplaces. This likewise can really assist when you have a slightly older flat screen television that appears dark or faded when you’re not looking directly straight.

Why our Mount Tv On Wall Company are trusted in Walsall

A few of the higher quality TV wall mounts, like the Sanus tilting wall brackets will still only sit a few millimetres far from the wall when not in a tilting position. Complete Movement Wall Brackets, A full movement TV installing bracket enables the TV to be rotated around and relocated various instructions away from the wall. Mount TV on Wall company.

Aside from the quality of the TV mounting producer, there are likewise a vast array of distinctions of in between full movement wall brackets, these consist of: Single or double arm movement, A single arm full motion wall bracket will only typically pivot in one of 2 places, this indicates that you do not have much freedom of movement.

Kind of Wall, The kind of wall you want the TV mounted to the wall can likewise impact the cost of your television mounting setup. Some of the differences consist of strong wall which are of brick/ plaster, dry-lined walls which is plasterboard stuck on top of brickwork and stud walls which are hollow walls where plasterboard is protected to wooden or metal studs.

We have written a previous blog site onto how to securely secure television’s to stud walls which you can read on your own here: There are also some other circumstances which could affect the expense of your television wall mounting price, for instance we recently mounted a television onto a curved stud wall.

Professional and Local Tv Wall Mounting Near Me in Cannock

This increased the cost of the installation. The Connecting Cables, This is the part of the installation which can take the most time, you many need the connecting cable televisions to be managed within trunking or you may want them routed into the wall. We have in fact separated our television wall mounting setup packages based upon how our clients would like the connecting cables managed and I have actually utilized this as an example as top what might be impacting your television installing price quotes and quotes.

Why you should rely on our Tv Wall Mounting ServiceLocal Tv Wall Mounting Service

If the cable televisions are currently in location or if the customer just wants the TV physically secured to the wall, no cable television management is required and it will cost less than those who do want the cables cleaned in some way. Trunking, The cables can be managed within PVC or ornamental trunking.

There are likewise some expensive appearance trunking like the D-Line range which is half round and can truly look quite good. Cables Routed Behind Plasterboard, Obviously, this can just be accomplished on plasterboard walls and not solid walls. We have a plan which we call the Silver+ bundle, this consists of routing the cables behind the plasterboard which can produce a seamless outcome.

Cables Chased Into Brick, This is known as our Gold TV wall installing setup, to conceal all of the cable televisions for your television wall installing installation on brick work a channel will require to be gone after into your wall in which the cables can then sit in. As soon as this has been filled, sanded and painted if needed, it can produce a completely eye pleasing outcome.

Why our Mount Tv On Wall Company are relied on in Wolverhampton

This will make the future routing of cables far simpler than if you hadn’t done it for not a lot of extra work. Failing this you must put in additional cables to cover future eventualities where different or additional cables may be needed, this is typically just extra HDMI cable televisions, optical cable television etc.

It is probably the finest strategy where possible to set up a mains electrical point or fused spur up behind the television. This may alter the cost of your TV wall mounting setup and a great deal of AV business might count on a third-party electrical expert to perform the work or refuse to do this entirely.

Lesser known Tv Wall Mounting ServiceWhat are the costs for Mount Tv On Wall Company

To do this nevertheless might likewise involve a bit of extra work where there are no close-by bottom lines or the ring primary has actually to be changed. I recommend contacting a certified electrician if you’re uncertain about this. Mount TV on Wall company. How Excellent R&G TV Setup Company is: There are lots of other generic qualities that use to all tradespersons, like being punctual, polite and courteous so I’m not going to be naming these but rather concentrate on TV wall mounting qualities that I think a professional television installing business ought to have.

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5star aerial installation reviews Walsall West Midlands

R&G have a wide range of Aerial, Satellite, TV, Fibre, Network and Electrical services. Check some of them out below…


At R & G we have specialised in installing TV Aerials since 2000. For a professional job carried out by a fully trained engineer, call R & G Satellite Services today.

If you have a new freeview device or having problems with reception. We cover all of Walsall, Wolverhampton and the West Midlands and can install your Freeview compatible digital aerial.
Sky broadcasts the widest range of TV viewing options in the UK and more HD content than any other service providers in Europe. As Sky specialists we can bring Sky’s products to your home today.
Freesat was launched in 2008 by the BBC and ITV, currently providing around a hundred free digital channels via a satellite dish.
There are a huge range of foreign channels available on numerous satellites for the West Midlands. With an 80cm dish and a satellite receiver you will be able to receive hundreds of free stations.

At R & G Satellite Services we can mount install your latest TV screen or computer monitors in your home or business so that you get the full benefit from your chosen TV package or usage.


We can provide any number of additional TV points or sockets around your home. If you have ever thought about a TV in the back room, loft conversion, kitchen or even the bathroom, we can install it for you.

R & G Security Services offer and install a wide range of different CCTV systems and services to ensure you can protect the safety of your property cost-effectively with complete peace of mind.

At R & G Satellite Services we can install the latest in Burglar Alarms and Property Security systems in your home or business to keep you fully protected day and night at great prices.

We’ve been installing and maintaining communal TV systems for over a decade, including IRS Systems, additional satellite and communal dishes and Fibre Optic IRS. We also specialise in network cabling for Multi-point Distribution in any property too.
At R & G we specialise in providing both door entry systems and gate entry systems by installing secure entry control systems into Walsall and West Midlands homes and business premises.
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Maintenance & Service

R & G offer maintenance and service contracts for any type of residential home or business. This can range from single premises to large multi-site needs. 24/7 response times are available.


We can provide a wide range of commercial services to meet the needs of most businesses, including Freeview, Freesat, Sky, Master Aerial and Master Dish multi-point systems and much more.


As well as Walsall installations we also offer TV aerial and Satellite Dish repairs so that you can continue to receive the best from your TV systems day and night. 


As we aim to always be ahead of the curve technology wise we are qualified for a wide range of Fibre Installation. With Fibre optic cabling the speed of the transfer of data and streaming is dramatically increased. 

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