My TV Link is not Working (One Link Only)

Are you suffering from a  TV Link that is not working (One Link Only)?

These are the steps R and G Satellite Services would recommend to help solve the issue?

Step 1

Check to see  if the red is displaying

If not then check the leads on the back of the Sky box to ensure that the one marked RF2 OUT is connected to your tv link cable.

The RF1 out should be connected to the television near the Sky box.

Step 2

If the red light is on and the image on the TV link televison is different from the one coming from the Sky box nearest the TV you may be watching a Freeview Digital Channel and not the one that Sky is tuned in to.

You may have an analogue option on the TV, if this is the case then press the analogue button.

If you have a source button and want to display TV, DTV, SCART, some remote controls have a digital and analogue option or the TV button may toggle betR&Gen them, others may select an analogue source if you hit button 1, wait for BBC 1 to appear then hit button 1 again. If the image changes then this should be Sky.

If the red light is on and the Sky image is being displayed then try turning the Sky box off at the mains and turning it back on, often this cures the problem.

If you are experience problems with your TV link then please contact one of our friendly team on 01922 302 129.