Moterised satellite dish set up 10 point guide

1)The first job with a motorised system is siting the dish, ideally this should be facing south with clear view to the horizon.

2) Next is to choose a bracket, if the dish is to face away from the wall and the wall is perfectly flat then the standard 90 degree elbow bracket can be used, hoR&Gver if  the bricks are uneven then it may be best to use a “T & K” bracket and pole.

3) Fit the bracket to the wall using a spirit level to ensure that the pole or vertical section of the bracket is perfectly plumb.tings

4) Set the latitude on the motor.

5) Attach the dish to the motor and mount it on the pole.

6) Enter the latitude and longitude set under the #usalls section on the receiver

7) Connect the cable to the receiver port on the motor, then to the if input on the receiver

8) Select any satellite from the list in the receiver and perform the goto function

9) Align the dish to the selected Satellite using a meter.

10) Select and scan required satellites at receiver.


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