The Importance of Perfect Sky/Satellite Dish Alignment

Many houses often have a Sky Box and Dish to access over 600 channels. With all these channels, you can maximise your viewing experience. Whether you’re watching the latest blockbusters on Sky Movies Première or catching a brand new hit show on Fox, it is important that this viewing experience doesn’t get disrupted or ruined.


Your Sky Dish’s Position and Alignment outside your home has a huge impact on what happens on your TV screen. We’ve all cursed under our breaths when a storm hits or an army of birds decide to settle on our dish. We lose signal or the picture becomes pixelated just as your favourite show has come on. Sure, nature can be beyond our control but you don’t want to risk this happening without a natural intervention.


The position of your Sky Dish affects what you can receive and pick up. So when you sign-up for certain packages, your Sky Dish will be tuned and possibly repositioned to receive those channels. Whether you have a standard Entertainment, Kids, Movies or International package/packages, the position of your dish can affect everything. One slight fault or slight move out of position can change it all.


Picture this. It’s nine o’clock on a Monday night. You’re curled on the sofa with your family and friends. Treats are laid out on the coffee table. You’re all tucked up in blankets, waiting in anticipation. Your remote’s in hand, flicking through the channels, you stop on FOX; it’s time for brand new The Walking Dead. The highlight of your R&Gek, you’ve been waiting for this for 7 days straight; you shush the chatter as it’s about to start. It’s time to find out if your favourite characters will survive through to another episode. The episode begins and you find yourself glued to your seat. This is it. It’s time. And then….


Pixels! The picture starts to break up and you all growl in frustration. You switch back and forth betR&Gen channels, hoping that will fix it. But no… the problem is still there. Then the picture is gone… completely. You spend the next hour, desperately trying to fix the problem. You restart your box and fiddle around with the wires attached to the back of your TV. Nothing works. Your night is ruined. You won’t know if Rick and the other survivors have all made it to the next episode. No one in your house will be watching The Walking Dead tonight. You go to bed miserable. Monday night has been ruined without the much needed fix of your favourite show.


All this can be down to a miscalculation on the positioning on your dish. One slight misalignment can result in the loss of one, two or even the vast majority of channels. It may be perfect when first installed, but all manner of things can change that over time. Weather, nature or vandalism can alter and change the position of your dish. This can affect all your viewing experiences on your box.


There is a simple solution – Get out an engineer. Even the slight loss of signal or bad picture for a channel can be just down to your dish’s alignment. An engineer can quickly assess the problem. They can check your dish and reposition your dish, quickly fixing your picture and saving your viewing experience for the foreseeable future.


An engineer can not only save your viewing experience, but expand it. Satellite dish repositioning can alter and change everything you pick up. Just because you live in the UK, doesn’t mean you are restricted to UK channels only. Your dish can be re-positioned to receive channels across Europe (and even the world). Ever wanted to receive French channels? With some installation and the repositioning of your dish, you could potential pick-up a variety of French channels.


Never be limited or let your viewing experience be ruined. If you ever suspect that your dish is out of alignment or would like receive more channels (whether their on Sky or from other countries), call out an engineer. An engineer can discuss options with you and ensure you have the viewing experience you want. Don’t miss out on maximising your viewing experience to its highest potential. Enquire with an R & G today about your dish.